Request for Accommodations    Help

To access your academic accommodations in a course, you must request a letter of accommodation for that course.

You can request your letter of accommodation using the tools in this section. Once a request is submitted, it will be automatically approved if you do not require any changes to your accommodations. If you require changes, your accessibility counsellor will be notified. Then the process will begin to update your accommodations. You may need to meet with your accessibility counsellor as part of this process.

Once a request has been approved, your course instructor will receive an email and instructions on how to access your accommodation letter by logging into the instructor portion of this website. You can access your accommodation letter on this website at any time once your request has been approved.

Information for Osgoode Students
Accommodation letters submitted through this portal go to a designated program manager and not to your course instructors. To know the specific recipient of your accommodation letters, refer to the email from your Accessibility Counsellor, which outlined your accommodation plan.

Here is a quick tutorial video on how to request a letter of accommodation. Click the Accommodations button in the main menu to proceed.