What is Letter of Accommodation?
A letter of Accommodation (LOA) lists the academic accommodations recommended by our office and lets course instructors know that you are registered with us. Your LOA should be provided to course instructors at the start of the term. If you registered with our office with a temporary disability, you might be asked to provide additional documentation before your LOA can be issued.

When you review the recommendations made in your LOA, please note the “valid until” date listed at the top of the letter. Contact your Accessibility Counsellor if you have questions or concerns about your LOA. Their name and email address are provided at the bottom of your letter.

What does it mean to activate academic accommodations?
Students registered with our office must activate their academic accommodations every year to access support such as accommodated tests and exams. If you are new to our services, visit our New Students page to find out about registration.

To activate your academic accommodations, please request your LOA. Your accommodations will be activated when your course instructor confirms receipt of your letter.

How are my instructors going to receive my LOA?
Once your accommodation letter request is approved, your course instructors will receive an email and instructions on how to access your accommodation letter by logging into the instructor portion of this website. You will get an email confirmation when they confirm the receipt of your letter.

What if I need to change/add/remove accommodations?
You can contact your Accessibility Counsellor directly to review your accommodations. You may also submit an accommodation letter request with one of the "I need additional accommodations" or "I need to change or remove an accommodation" options selected. Your request will be submitted for review and your Accessibility Counsellor will respond within five business days.

Why can't I find the "Request" button?
If the Request button is missing from the table of your courses, your accommodations may have expired. Please contact your Accessibility Counsellor for assistance.

I'm a returning student. But I haven't requested a letter of accommodation for a few years. What do I do now?
Check in with your Accessibility Counsellor before submitting an accommodation request if you were away or need changes to the accommodations. If you are unsure of who your Accessibility Counsellor is, you can email sasinfo@yorku.ca.

I can't download my letter because my course instructor information is missing. The request confirmation email I received is indicating that the course I'm taking is missing instructor information.
Our system requires your course instructor information to notify them that your accommodation letter is waiting for a review. The instructor information may not be available due to a system delay. Please check this website again in a couple of days. Your Accessibility Counsellor has been notified of this issue. They will contact you within five business days.

I'm already registered with Student Accessibility Services. Why do I get an error message when I try to log in with my Passport York credentials?
Your account may not be properly configured to access this website if you are registered with us and receiving the error message, "You are not currently registered with Student Accessibility Services. If you like to learn more about our services, visit our website, accessibility.students.yorku.ca." Please contact your Accessibility Counsellor to resolve this issue.